i am a research scientist at microsoft research in new york city, where my work in the area of computational social science involves applications of statistics and machine learning to large-scale social data. i was previously a member of the social dynamics group at yahoo! research. i received my ph.d. from columbia university's physics department where i am an adjunct professor in the applied math department. please see my resume for more project and background information.

this site serves several purposes, from presenting and organizing my current research and teaching efforts to publishing code and tips that i hope others will find useful.

i bookmark lots of references on delicious, occasionally tweet things, post random tidbits on tumblr, and share photos on flickr.


2013.01.20: the course website is up for computational social science (columbia, spring 2013)
2012.05.03: looking forward to starting microsoft research new york city
2010.09.28: our paper on predicting consumer activity with web search is released (bbc, ars technica)
2010.05.23: slides and code for my icwsm 2010 tutorial, large-scale social media analysis with hadoop
2009.12.10: our recent paper, "what can search predict?" is posted (blog post, slate article)
2009.10.02: slides for my hadoopworld nyc talk: social network analysis with hadoop
2009.09.11: the course website is up for data-driven modeling (columbia applied math, fall 2009)
2009.05.13: our kdd paper has been covered by mit, slashdot, lifehacker, the chicago tribune, and wired
2009.04.22: our centmail paper was presented and demonstrated at the www 2009 developers track
2008.09.25: we have posted the call for papers for the NIPS 2008 workshop on analyzing graphs
2008.06.24: "a bayesian approach to network modularity" available at physical review letters online 2008.07.04: received "best student presentation award" at mlg 2008 (mining and learning with graphs)
2008.03.18: a scientific american article on my ph.d. advisor, chris wiggins; also a summary from ams
2008.03.14: coverage of analysis of the 2008 aps march meeting co-authorship network from nature blogs

latest tips

my latest geek tips, also available on twitter, tumblr, or as plain text:

apache applescript awk bash c c++ consumer css cu cvs debian emacs excel firefox flickr gcc gentoo git gmail google grammar graphviz hadoop html idvd imagemagick iphone iphoto ipod irc itunes java javascript keynote latex lifehack linux mac macosx matlab meta mobile mysql network networking perl php python quicktime razr rss rstats rsync ruby safari sed sge shell silverlight sms sql ssh svn test trac treo unix video windows word wordpress x11 xml macosx: various fixes for Mail.app problems http://bit.ly/1zuNQ4t macosx: use image capture to stop iphoto from opening when iphone plugged in http://bit.ly/1vG8yhD rstats: draw arrows in ggplot with geom_line(arrow=arrow()) from the grid library http://bit.ly/11o0Mw0 latex: avoid bad url linebreaks with the hyphens option http://bit.ly/1uwckcC rstats: use the expression function to add latex-ish labels to ggplot http://bit.ly/1rAIrRm